About Us

Our school is located in the beautiful and secure community of Dorado del Mar on Puerto Rico’s northern coast, 22 miles west of historic San Juan. Dorado Academy is a non-profit, non-sectarian independent school established under the laws of Puerto Rico to operate as a college – preparatory institution of the highest academic standards. Instruction at the school is given in English under excellent academic standards, in a bicultural environment. Education services extend from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade.


“Dorado Academy will strive every day to maintain the highest educational standard, while fulfilling the following commitments:

  • To its students: Innovative education in synergy with our times, that will empower self-learning, promote resiliency and cater to individual academic interests, while preparing you for all challenges and lifelong pursuits.
  • To its faculty: Recognition as our most critical resource through competitive compensation and our full support in your continued development and certification.
  • To its community: Sponsor a family-first environment that will effectively interact with our neighbors through strong principles of participative citizenship.”


Dorado Academy, Inc. is a nonprofit/non-sectarian corporation established under the laws of thecommonwealth of Puerto Rico to operate a private, English language school of the highest academic standards based on the Puerto Rican culture to serve Dorado and surrounding communities. 

Founded in 1972, Dorado Academy was developed initially in response to the need of a private English instruction school in the Dorado and surrounding areas. At present, services extend from pre-kinder through twelfth grades.

This English language school offers an enriched curriculum that encourages the learning and growth of the individual student in a constantly changing society.


Dorado Academy’s goals are based on a commitment to develop and continually improve academic skills by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to develop their own creative talents and to learn to appreciate music, art and literature;
  • Enriching each student with an awareness of culture and history;
  • Ensuring that each student acquires the English and Spanish languages and other skills needed for a productive life;
  • Developing reasoning abilities and critical thinking to the best of each students abilities;
  • Instilling in each student a sense of moral, ethical and spiritual values such that he/she will become a humane, concerned, involved and thinking member of society.

Strategic Plan

Dorado Academy’s Strategic Plan includes the improvement and expansion of its physical plant in order to provide the students with the appropriate support of DA’s educational and athletics programs. The plan also includes the revision of the institutional policies and procedures to institute or improve the organizational structure of the school.


The school’s philosophy is based on a commitment to develop and continually improve academic skills, provide opportunities for students to develop their own creative talents and to learn to appreciate music, art and literature; enrich each student with an awareness of culture and history; ensure that each student acquires the language and other skills needed for a productive life; develop reasoning abilities and critical thinking to the best of each student’s abilities, and instill in each student a sense of moral and spiritual values such that he or she will become a humane, concerned, involved and thinking member of society.


The objective of the instructional program at Dorado Academy is to provide to all students an education that reflects the school’s philosophy. The teachers strive to implement by instruction the school’s philosophy and meet instructional goals and objectives. They implement them by educating students to solve everyday problems and make sound decisions by developing self-concept, self-esteem and self motivation.

We encourage:

  • Development of attitudes and habits which distinguish a self-disciplined and self-directed individual.
  • Participate intelligently in all situations.
  • Accept increased responsibility for his/her own behavior.
  • Provide educational experiences that will encompass individual interest and foster a passion for learning.
  • Identify their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enhance growth and develop with a positive concept of self and others.
  • Acquire basic skills in obtaining information and solving problems.
  • Think critically and communicate effectively.
  • Develop attitudes and beliefs necessary for functioning as a part of a democratic society and a contributing member of society.
  • Improve communication skills.

Accreditation And Memberships

Dorado Academy is licensed by:

  • The Puerto Rico General Council of Education


Dorado Academy is accredited by:

  • The Middle States Association


Dorado Academy is a member of:

  • Puerto Rico’s Private Education Association
  • Caribbean Counselors Association
  • Caribbean Association of Independent Schools
  • The College Entrance Examination Board
  • Puerto Rico’s Association of College Admitting Counselors
  • The National and Junior Honor Societies
  • National Association for Secondary School Principals
  • The Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance
  • The Mini Athletic League of Private Schools
  • National Association of Independent Schools

Student Body



20 40
25 29 54
1st Grade
17 25 45
2nd Grade
32 26 58
3rd Grade
26 33 59
4th Grade
28 22 50
5th Grade
23 30 53


6th Grade
22 29 51
7th Grade
34 41 75
8th Grade
30 24 54


9th Grade
30 20 50
10th Grade
13 36 49
11th Grade
31 16 47
12th Grade
18 28 46
Total of Students
349 379 728

Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at Dorado Academy are group of professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing an effective program of instruction in accordance with the adopted curriculum and consistent with the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved. They strive to implement by instruction the schools philosophy of education and to meet and surpass instructional goals and standards. Teachers assists in upholding and enforcing school rules and administrative regulations.

Our faculty turn over is minimal. All faculty members must be fluent in English, all classes must be conducted in English (except some elective courses). Dorado Academy’s faculty consists of 50 teachers who are fully certified. The rest of our professional staff consist of one librarian and assistant, eight full-time teacher aides in grades PreK-2nd, and a guidance counselor. The administrative staff consists of two principals and one Head of School.