Cafeteria Dorado Academy



Now you can pay for your child’s meal online!

Say goodbye to sending cash and checks to the school cafeteria. allows you to create a secure online account where you can add money to your child’s account with your Visa or MasterCard credit card. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that students will have money available for meals, and that the money will only be used for lunch instead of other items.

Users can view their Account’s balance and make payments any time of day. Accounts will thank parents for easy access to lunch money. They no longer have to worry about forgetting or losing money. Also, the reduced hassle of paying with cash will speed up the lunch line, which means more time for Accounts to enjoy their meals!

How to register:
Go to
Click on Sign Up
Step 1 – Create New Guardian Account
For instructions click on instructions on using this page
Step 2 – Must submit credit card information. No charges will submitted to your account unless you wish to make a deposit to your child’s account.
Step 3 – You must enter your child’s first name and both last names in order for the program to find your child in the system.

One you have completed the process you may deposit money to your child’s account and also see what they are consuming in the school cafeteria and view your account balance.

Hope this will help you track your child’s cafeteria account and the food he/she is consuming.