Headmaster’s Message

Dear Friends of Dorado Academy:

At Dorado Academy students have the opportunity to begin school in Pre-kinder and remain until the 12th grade.   As educators it gives us the opportunity to nurture the growth of each child from pre-school thru secondary school.  At Dorado Academy we take this task seriously and we are aware of the awesome responsibility of preparing our students for their future roles in life.


Dorado Academy’s mission, the foundation of what we do is to provide the education, support and environment that enable individual students to realize their true potential and prepare them for success in the world. This is the important work we engage in each day and the dedication and efforts of so many people have contribute greatly to this effort. Our dedicated faculty and staff engage our students in and outside of the classroom to promote self-awareness and to prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the most innovative, college preparatory schools in Puerto Rico with the technological tools and the appropriate physical facilities to optimize the quality of the educational process and academic environment for our students.


Nancy Escabi