High School

9th Grade

  • Spanish/Spanish as a Second Language (SSL)
  • English Language and Literature
  • Algebra (regular/intermedia math)
  • Geometry (honor math)
  • Physical Science
  • World History
  • Physical Education
  • Computers
  • Music


10th Grade 

  • Spanish/Spanish as a Second Language (SSL)
  • Geometry (regular/intermedia)
  • Algebra II (honor math)
  • Biology
  • World Literature
  • Puerto Rican History
  • Physical Education
  • Computers


11th Grade 

  • Algebra II (regular/intermedia)
  • Pre-calculus (honor math)
  • Spanish/Spanish as a Second Language (SSL)
  • Chemistry
  • American Literature
  • American History
  • Physical Education
  • Computers


12th Grade 

  • Spanish/Spanish as a Second Language (SSL)
  • Physics
  • AP English Literature
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Physical Education
  • Computers
  • Health
  • College Algebra II (regular math)
  • Pre – Calculus (intermedia math)
  • Calculus (honor math)
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Marine Biology
  • Art




Books & Supplies List

Lockers rules

Student Locker Rules

  •  Lockers are only for students in grades 6th – 12th.
  •  No lock, other than the Master Lock will be permitted to be used.
  •  The administration has the authority to open and check student lockers at any time.
  •  Only  books  and P.E. uniforms are to be kept in lockers.
  •  Keeping lockers clean will be the responsibility of the students.
  •  Students will be responsible for any damage done to the lockers.
  •  No food is to be kept in lockers.
  •  No writing or drawing on/in lockers.
  •  No stickers on/in lockers.
  •  Slamming of locker doors is not permitted.

Field trips

Field trips are to be educational experiences and are not intended to be excursions purely for amusement. Teachers will need and appreciate the help of parent volunteers as chaperons.  Before the field trip, each parent must sign a field trip permission slip and return it to school immediately.  If a student has not returned the signed permission slip, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the in the field trip.

Dress Code: Destination determines the dress!

As a general rule:

  • Outdoors/Informal (eg., El Yunque, Cabezas de San Juan, Observatorio de Arecibo, etc.) – DA PE Uniform, including long pants.
  • Indoors/formal (eg. , museum, concert, visit to a business/corporation, etc.) – DA full uniform, black shoes.

*Don’t forget to pick me up at the school



HR: 9-1
Mr. José Torres

HR: 9-2
Mr. Luis Iglesias

HR: 9-3
Ms. Carilkia Bunker

HR: 10-1
Ms. Yeidy González

HR: 10-2
Ms. Widalys Vélez

HR: 10-3
Ms. Daricarmen Borrero

HR: 11-1
Mr. Roberto Perez

HR 11-2
Ms. Nicole Díaz

HR: 12-1
Mr. Angel Torres

HR: 12-2
Ms. Miriam López

Health & PE
Mr. Raúl Sosa

Ms. Marilyn López


Mr. José Grau
Mr. Héctor Meléndez


Mr. David Reyes
Ms. Rosa Hernandez
Mr. Yeico Santiago

Music & Theater
Mr. Yabey Marcano

MS/HS Computer
Ms. Ana R. Velázquez

Ms. Stella Cordero

MS/HS Librarian
Ms. Kayla Ortíz

High School SSL
Ms. Carmen Figueroa

Learning Center
Ms. Sheila Muratti
Ms. Liliana González


Senior Class