1.    The Library is a place for getting and using library books only.

2.    No games, toys, chasing or loud talking are allowed.

3.    No Candy, Gum, Cellular phones, or food may be brought into the library

4.    Sign the attendance sheet every time you visit.

5.    You may come to the library during class if there is the librarian or someone supervising. Those coming to the library during class must be very quiet to avoid disturbing the class.

6.    Put all trash in wastebasket. Please do not write on table top.

7.    After 2:00pm the library will be available for research work, use of internet, or reading time if it is supervised by the library assistant. The library is not for babysitting or supervised homework.

8.    Please help keep the library clean, neat, and in order. If you look at a book and decide not to check it out, please return it to its original place in the shelf, in order by number and letter.

9.    It is important to check out one book at a time. If a library book is lost, you will either pay for it or replace it. The reference books (Encyclopedias, Atlas, or dictionaries) should not be taken from the library.

10.     For the use of Internet, the students and teachers have to reserve with the librarian.

12. Please make sure not to disturb classes.

11. Always come to the library prepared by bringing the library-permitted materials (notebook crayons and pencils).


Library Hours:
7:30am – 3:30pm