Tsunami Lantex 2014 Drill

Dear Parents/Guardians;

Next Wednesday, March 26th, our entire school will be participating in the Tsunami Lantex 2014 Drill. This is the fourth time that we participate with our students this drill.

The Tsunami drill begins at 10:00 a.m. and we begin to evacuate the school premises and walk towards the Dorado del Mar Basketball Court. Once the drill is completed we all will come back to school and continue the regular school day. It is important to complete the drill in the event that if a real Tsunami happens, all students will know how to protect themselves and where to go for safety.

On Wednesday, March 26th all students should wear their P.E. uniform with sneakers and a cap for sun protection. Those who are sensitive to the sun should also use sun block.

Please note: Parents may not interfere or make any approach to their child while the drill is taking place.


Nancy Escabi